Our Platform

We’ve developed a platform that reliably and cost-effectively offers:

  • Ad management and delivery across all operating systems
  • Location-based targeting
  • Campaign management
  • Monitoring, analytics and reporting
  • Self-serve ad portal for local advertisers
  • Rich media: video, interstitials, coupons, landing pages
  • Local marketplace for publishers and partners to sell ads across the market



Our preferred partners provide mobile applications across all major mobile platforms, featuring:

  • Location information and maps
  • Places nearby – partnership locations nearby
  • Text, Image, Audio, Video display and browsing
  • Audio and Virtual Tours
  • Sponsor/Partner message display
  • Ticket purchasing
  • Gifts and premium content purchase
  • Mobile donations
  • Connecting and sharing via popular social
  • Location-based alerts and notifications

Our equal partnership

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