Expand your audience with technology for culture sharing.

Many of the 17,500 museums, performing arts centers, historic sites, and cultural institutions in the US have a pressing need to share culture, drive engagement, and build attendance in a “no growth” economy. Still, many aren’t meeting the rapidly emerging opportunities presented by the market.

Introducing Pop Mobile.

The Pop Mobile platform gives patrons access to useful information about shows, coming events, parking, dining, pre/post-visit activities, and more – via mobile. Our complete and low cost mobile solution offers museums and cultural institutions:

  • World class technical solutions that include proven white label mobile websites and applications
  • Proven technology platform to support a wide array of features and functionalities
  • Premium national sponsorship revenue
  • Scalable local development markets

We’re excited to help your institution discover the extraordinary possibilities of mobile, and at the same time, new and dynamic revenue opportunities. We’re founded by a Management Team with a proven record of success managing media and mobile start-ups. Contact us to learn more.